April 19, 2016

Wedding photography | Guest Blogger Antonio Washington DC Wedding Photographer

DC Wedding Photographer (11 of 1)

When I want to know if I should wear an outfit- I ask Antonio. When I want to know if a certain hair style is working- I ask Antonio. When I want to know if a new recipe I’ve made is a hit or not- Antonio. Children are so innocent and say what they think. As I was preparing for this weeks blog posts he sat over my shoulder and asked if he could write a post. He wasn’t sure what to write about so I helped him along with a few questions. He just might have to have his own segment on the blog!

What do you like best about your moms wedding photographs?

I like them best because they’re edited well. They are well taken. They have been taken by my mother-Nichole Meredith.

Why do you think your mom is a good photographer?

She went to college. Her teachers helped her. She’s got ideas. She’s smart. She takes pictures of her mom, her son, her sisters and her dog.

Do you like the black and white or color pictures better? Explain why or why not.

I like the color pictures better. In fact I like the color and black and white. I used to not like black and white but now I do because it looks a little better.

Why does your mom love being a photographer?

She likes being a photographer because she is artistic.

Do you like having your photograph taken?

Yes, because I like to see myself in pictures and sometimes I get to choose how I want to edit myself- starting today.

Do you like taking pictures?

Yes. I do because when I grow up and my mom dies I will be a photographer to.

What is your favorite picture that your mom has taken? Why?

My favorite pictures are the two people that met at the retirement home who got married. I like it because this is the first time I’ve seen two older people getting married. I’ve only seen young people get married. But not like young. Like in their late 20s 30s or 40s.

Why should people hire a professional photographer on their wedding day (instead of having a family member take the pictures)?

They should have a professional photographer to take their wedding pictures because probably their family members does not know how to edit pictures but a professional photographer does know how to edit!

Why should someone hire your mom to photograph their wedding?

Because she’s a professional, she studies a lot and Scott goes with her sometimes to help her. She’s the best photographer I know.

I laugh every time I read his post; however, there is so much truth in it. Hire a professional. Let your family enjoy your day with you. If you have anything you’d like Antonio to write about feel free to ask in the comments below!



  1. Antonio, what a character! ???? I would love to hear Antonio talk about the baby parrots that hatched at your house, along with some pictures you’ve taken of them as they grow!

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