August 12, 2016

Introducing our newest family member! Maryland Wedding Photographer | Annapolis Photographer

For those that have stumbled onto this post on accident I’ll do a little introduction. Welcome! My name is Nichole Meredith and I am a Fine Art Wedding Photographer. If you follow us on Snapchat (@nicholeandscott), then you may have already met the newest addition to our family! I’d like to formally introduce: Arizona! She is absolutely named after Arizona Robbins from Grey’s Anatomy. One month ago today we welcomed this bundle of fur into our lives and she has been such a joy. It’s a funny story how we met… I adopted her at a wedding.



Isn’t she the best model. Head over to Instagram to see another snap of her! @nicholermeredith

I was shooting with my sweet friend Natalie Jayne a month and a half ago. Picture it: Virginia 2016. Natalie’s sweet bride sat us at a dinner table to eat with guests. Bless her heart. Sitting across from us were two groomsmen and their dates. We chatted a bit and one of the groomsmen asked if either of us wanted a cat. Natalie and I both said no and he cooly whispered: let me just show you a picture. In a flash we held a phone with a blurry snap of a 3 month old cat playing with her toy. She had no name. 3 months on this Earth and she had no name. My heart broke for her.

He had adopted what was going to be his last cat when he found out she was pregnant. Once the kittens were born, they were all adopted by families except her. Nobody wanted her.I exchanged info with the groomsmen and a week after the wedding we met to see if we would be a good fit. She was terrified of us. She hadn’t been socialized with people. It broke my heart into so many pieces. Against all of our instincts, we took her home. The first night she cried for over two hours until she finally crawled onto our bed and curled under the covers between Scott and I. For the last month we have spent every day “building a confident kitty” as Antonio says.

The combination of those steps helped transform the scaredy cat we brought home into a cat who takes baths, goes for walks and gives kisses. My favorite time of the day is when I get home and walk into the room calling her name. She runs to me crying until I pick her up and give her kisses. I’m pretty sure she is a dog in a cats body but that’s a different post for a different time. I have to thank Natalie and her sweet couple for sitting us with guests. Scott and I weren’t looking for a pet at all. A series of fortunate events led us to this little soul. Children aren’t in the cards for us right now and that had put such a strain on my heart. Arizona has been a little ray of sunshine during a cloudy time. Love you girl.


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