September 12, 2016

Weekend recap | Alexandria Wedding Photographer Hilton Alexandria

Hilton Alexandria Wedding

Two weekend recaps back to back? This past week was a whirl wind. In between packing to move it is the start of my Fall wedding season! A week ago Kumiko and Ed reached out to see if I would photograph their wedding. You read that right! A week ago! The wedding planning began only a few weeks ago and I must say It went on without a hitch! It was one of the hottest days this summer. Well at least it felt like it! Their ceremony at The Carlyle House in Arlington was simply beautiful. The sun was beaming over head but with the shade from the house and the garden everyone stayed cool.

Their first look at the Hilton in Alexandria was one for the books. I love first looks because it gives my couple the chance to get emotional in private and then they are able to relive the excitement when they walk down the aisle! Anyone who knows me is well aware of how emotional I get at weddings. I had to fight tears back the entire day. We were able to squeeze their engagement session in just days before saying “I Do”! I can’t wait to share more on the blog!

For the rest of the weekend I spent time editing and with my husband Scott. We went to brunch at Cava Mezze and I tried to convince him that adopting two more cats was something we absolutely need to do. Three cats total was a firm no but… he agreed to adopt one more! I never thought we would end up as cat owners let alone with two cats but we are pretty excited to welcome this little bundle of fur.

Three fun facts from the Meredith House:

1.) Antonio has decided he wants to play the Flute! He considered the trumpet at first… Our future neighbors are now safe!

2.) Arizona is getting spayed next week. Not fun but important!

3.) We’ve found a meal planning program that keeps us in our budget and works! Once we get settled I’ll have to share more!

 Time to get back to my work day. Happy Monday everyone!

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