January 18, 2017

When to book your wedding photographer Wedding Planning Tips

Booking your wedding photographer

book wedding photographer

’Tis the season for wedding planning! You might be newly engaged and just starting the planning process or you know the proposal is coming so you are just getting a little bit of a head start. Either way a big question that pops up frequently seem to be “How far in advance should I book my wedding photographer?”

I decided to put together the 5 W’s of booking your photographer to help along with your wedding planning process! Make sure you drop any questions you have in the comment box!


Who should you hire to photograph your wedding? Hire a professional photographer. Professional Photographer prices in Maryland and Virginia start anywhere from 3-5 grand. Consider saving for an extra year and having extra to spend on quality professionals. When you read horror stories about photographers that didn’t show up or didn’t deliver images make sure you read through the article. “Clients paid their photographer $100 dollars for 8 hours day”  That screams scam. A true professional will always show up or in the case of an emergency they make sure their clients are taken care of.


What should you look for when hiring a professional? First and foremost trust your gut. If you get a good vibe from talking with them that is always a good sign! Just as important as trusting your gut is making sure you read their contract. A professional will have clauses in their contract to protect themselves because they are running a legitimate business. I always request at consults that both parties be present so they have a chance to get to know me. Plan your wedding together so you are both happy with your vendor choice.


When should you hire a professional photographer? How important are your memories of family and friends celebrating your marriage to the love of your life that you will never be able to relive? On a scale of 1-10? Did you say 11? I always recommend hiring your photographer around the same time you are booking your venue. This is crucial because you will be able to hire your dream venue and dream photographer at the same time! Photographers and venues tend to book anywhere from 6-14 months in advance. Depending on where you are located some venues are booked 2 years in advance for popular dates! I’ve had couples this year send me three tentative date options and cross reference with their venue before booking. Then when they are ready they pull the trigger on both!


If you are getting married in Virginia, can you hire a Maryland photographer? Yes! Shameless plug: I do love to travel for weddings! If there is someone whose work you have fallen in love with then reach out to them. It doesn’t hurt to ask!


Why hire a professional photographer? That is another post for another day. I will ask this. You hired a florist for your flowers, a make up artist to do your makeup and a caterer to cook your meals. Why wouldn’t you want to trust your most important memories with a professional?

Summary: For those who are in a rush and don’t have time to read through I’ll break it down: Your memories are important so your photographer should be one of the first vendors your book.

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