February 18, 2017

Erin + Daniel | Tidewater Inn Wedding Photographer Easton Wedding Photography

Erin and Daniel celebrated their marriage at a gorgeous Easton wedding venue called the Tidewater Inn. It was a windy day but the rain stayed away! You wouldn’t know how cold it was outside from all of the laughter on their day. Erin was so calm when getting ready. Daniel is the one for her and there was no doubt about it. If you’ve spent any time with Erin and Daniel you know that they are madly in love. The way Daniel looks at Erin just melts your heart. Erin wrote about their engagement and it really is perfect. Get your tissues ready!

Their Engagement Story:

Daniel asked me for a date night to go to one of our favorite restaurants. It was a lipstick-kind-of date night at a restaurant where we had one of our first dates. Before heading to dinner he had chilled some champagne our friends had given us for our anniversary the week before. We had a quick toast to our anniversary and then he asked me to dance in our apartment, which is not an uncommon event in the Sorrell-Jackson household, so I thought nothing of it. He played our song and began to tell me how much he loved me and me still clueless was just enjoying the dance.

About half way into the song Daniel stepped back got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. In that moment, the one most girls dream of, I did what NO ONE should do and asked him if he was joking. Not the reaction he was looking for. Then it hit me, the moment hit me, and I realized I hadn’t heard a word he said. I said yes but please do it again. I wanted to hear every word. He got up, played our song and asked me to marry him, again. I heard every word and will never forget that moment. I said yes (again), he put on the ring, and that was that. We kissed, I cried.

Daniel had set up our reservation an hour after he told me so I had time to call my family and friends. When we arrived we had a table reserved with roses he had dropped off earlier that day and his friends had arranged a bottle of champagne to be sent to the table. All in all a wonderful proposal that was exactly us.

Their black tie Tidewater Inn Wedding was one for the books! Below are a few favorites from their day! Enjoy!

Tidewater Inn Wedding Invitation Tidewater Inn Wedding Pictures Easton Florist Tidewater Inn Wedding Photography

Wedding Vendors

Venue | Tidewater Inn
Cake | Julie Hanes
Photographer | nichole meredith
Assistant Photographer | Rosie Omar
Invitations | Abigail Christine Design
Band | Nik and the Nice Guys
Dress | Modern Trousseau & Hitched Salon
Bridesmaid Dresses | Jenny Yoo & J Crew
Florist | Monteray Farms
Hair & Makeup | Studio2



Tidewater Inn Wedding | Easton Wedding Photography | Easton Wedding Photographer



  1. Erin Sorrell says:

    Nichole you are the best! Love all your photos. xoxox Erin

  2. Mike says:

    Lovely work on these Nichole, so happy to have met you again recently!

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