March 29, 2017

Blogging images quickly | BlogStomp Blogging Software

The first time I wrote a blog post I thought to myself “okay this isn’t too bad.” Then I had to add images. Oh that’s when it got that bad. As a wedding photographer blog posts often have a lot of images. I was resizing and renaming all of my images one by one. It took forever and eventually I said I’m done. All I wanted to do was resize images in batches and to make collages quickly and with ease.  I honestly don’t remember who introduced me to this nifty little program but it was a game changer! BlogStomp has so many amazing features so I’m going to list my Top 5.

  1. Image Borders

    I love to add white borders to my collaged images before blogging them because the in-between space allows each images to breathe. In BlogStop you can adjust the thickness and color of the space!

  2. Collages

    Are you trying to create a collaged image for your Facebook Header? Want to collage images for the cover of your blog post? BlogStomps got it covered. You can collage two images or dozens of images. Take your pick!

    Check out the final stomped image! 

  3. Renaming

    Want to batch renamed all of your images? Tell the truth did you forget to rename your images when exporting from Lightroom? Don’t worry. You can rename your images as your stomp! BlogStomp has so. many. amazing. features.

  4. Social Media

    Now that you’ve prepped your images for your blog post you can reach multiple social media platforms with ease! You can your stomped images on your Facebook page in an album, on twitter or even Tumblr.

  5. Gallery Integration

    OKAY this feature is awesome. If you use ShootProof, SmugMug, Zenfolio or Photoshelter you can upload your images directly to your gallery! I use a different gallery platform so hopefully that comes soon because this feature would be AMAZING for me to utilize!

What does BlogStomp Cost?

You can purchase BlogStomp as a package or by itself. In the first package you would end up with the Blogging Program, the Album Design Program and the Album Proofing Program. This is perfect for photography professionals!

The cost of BlogStomp alone is presently (March 28, 2017) $49 and that allows for a single user to install this program onto two computers! I have BlogStomp on my desktop and on my laptop so I can take with with me when I need to!

The only sale that I saw last year if I remember correctly was on Black Friday and that was only for the 3 program bundle! Other than that the pricing is consistent and in my opinion absolutely worth it so you can get your life back and blog more!

I hope this helps you on your blogging journey! If you have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for a step by step! This is such a pain point for me so maybe this will make blogging easier!

  2. Andy says:

    Great tips on blogging, especially if you’re new to blogging or if you’re trying to ramp it up! Thanks!

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