June 26, 2018

Our Team is Growing! Nichole Meredith Employee | Virtual Assistant

We are excited to announce…

Our team is growing by one! Please give a warm welcome to our virtual assistant Chynna of Byte Bodega!

Virtual Assistant

These last two weeks we have been working hard behind the scenes setting her up as a member of our team. Over the last five years it’s just been me running everything. Honestly I wasn’t sure if we were ready to add on an employee! With my inbox bursting and to-do list growing I realized that there was no time to spare. I NEEDED help. I want to be able to give my clients and family the time they both deserve.

Bringing on a virtual assistant means:

-Our response time will be faster!

-Scheduling consults will be easier!!!

-Get ready to see more blog posts!

-More time for editing!

-One less cup of coffee a day for me! (Haha maybe…)

Current and Future clients if you haven’t already I’m sure you will see Chynna’s name pop up in your inbox! I’m so excited to see the positive impact this has on my current + future clients experience!

Are you considering bringing on a virtual assistant?

For those considering a virtual assistant here is what I’ve noticed has changed right away: the stress of being stretched thin is gone. It was amazing to know that while I was editing Chynna was working on updating my inquiry form! Finding the right VA is kind of like dating. You have to find someone you connect with since you will be working very closely together. After my initial consult with Chynna, I knew that she was amazing and we would work so well together.

In being fully transparent: two days after our meeting I actually emailed her and said that it wasn’t the right time to bring on an employee. What?! I know. I was scared. Over the next two weeks I stirred at night thinking about how saying no didn’t feel right even though I was scared. (Insert montage of me drinking a million cups of coffee and staring out the window) Over and over I asked myself “But am I ready to have an employee? Is it too soon?” Finally my husband Scott who had enough of my asking hollered “Nichole just hire Chynna. It’s time.” You know the feeling when you open presents on Christmas morning? Yeah that’s what it was like sending that email. I’m so thankful that she was still available!


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